Winter Blues got you down?

November 27, 2018


Winter blues (or GREYS) have got me down (and it’s not just Black Friday Burnout!) The sun is rising later and resting lower in the skies- it’s just plain old DARK outside and the rainy days sure have set in on this little west coast island.


What do I do to stay motivated, cheery, and UN-SAD?


Here are a few of my go to remedies to get me through the dark season:


STRETCH and MOVE. Get some EXERCISE- Do some YOGA! Try this Yoga pose for a quick boost: Intense East Pose- PURVOTTANASANA (see photo above).  Start seated, legs stretched out front. Plant your hands behind your hips, finger tips turned out, lift your chest and pull your low belly in.  Then lift your hips and heart to the skies of the rising sun. Open the whole East side of your body. Breathe deeply into your solar plexus. 


GO OUTSIDE- look at the sun for a few minutes everyday, get some “natural vitamin D” and if that’s not possible take a vitamin D supplement. If it’s raining go outside anyways and get a little wet- feel the elements- if it’s cold and snowy- go feel that too- just a little- just a little reminder that nature is powerful, bigger than you and we are all connected.


PLAN SOMETHING: A winter holiday - somewhere warm and sunny (maybe MEXICO???) Explore the world- it’s bigger than you think! Give yourself something to look forward to.  And if you're on a budget- Plan a staycation or time out with friends- just make the CONNECTION with others. Remember you're not alone.


EAT WELL: Between the halloween candy, the turkey dinners and those Christmas goodies we all get caught up in over indulgences this time of year! Make the effort between the festivities to fuel yourself with healthy foods.  Eat the rainbow, avoid processed sugars and fast foods, and take the time try a new recipe or cook something special for your family and friends. ENJOY the foods that you do eat- there is something to be said for the intentions and blessings we put into our foods, it's part of the reason why Thanksgiving dinner is so good.  So whatever you do eat- EAT CONSCIOUSLY!


These are just a few things I try to do to make it through winter… Remember the LIGHT is coming!

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