Is Saraswati your OM Girl? Part 1 of my OM Girl Goddess Blog Series

May 15, 2016

Which Yoga Goddess is your Om girl?  This is the first of my blog series on the Goddesses of Yoga.  Here, I introduce you to the Goddess Saraswati and why she might be your OM girl!


Do you find yourself longing to be by the ocean shore, by the lake, or floating on the seaside?  Do you feel most comfortable curled up with a good book, having impromptu dance parties in your living room by yourself with your favourite tunes, or just jamming on your beloved ukulele?  Have you ever found yourself caught up in the flow of inspiration, working for hours endlessly on creative projects?  Art, drawing and painting, studying, writing, poetry, music?  Are you devoted to learning new things whether on the job or outside work, perhaps nailing that arm balance in yoga class or devoting regular time to volunteering or just hanging with your best girlfriend?  Do you find you take reflective solitary moments to listen to your inner wisdom and let your intuition guide your decisions?  


If any of this resonates with you, the Goddess Saraswati might be your OM girl.


Saraswati is the Flowing Goddess, fluid like water, she is the essence and flow of your creativity, wisdom and intuition.  Dressed in pure white, the white reflection of moonlight and snow, she emanates the light of wisdom. The wisdom of the Goddess within.  She emanates truths, her intelligence is boundless and her intuitive listening skills are highly refined.  She rides a swan, a water creature, a chariot that glides with peace and grace, of knowing, confidence, pride and beauty.  It is said that her swan has the ability to filter milk from muddy water- symbolizing Saraswati’s ability to discern truth and wisdom in knowledge from mis-information, deceit and untruths.  In her arms she holds a book of scriptures- a symbol of ancient wisdom and she carries a mala- a string of prayer beads symbolizing her devotion.  Saraswati is the goddess of intuition, wisdom, knowledge, speech, music and creativity and when we evoke her essence and tap into her deep beauty these attributes flow through us.  It is said that Saraswati sits on the tip of the poet’s tongue, so that only exalted and eloquent speech can pour forth.  Classical Indian musicians find inspiration is impossible without her, she is the radiance that ripples forth in their musical improvisation.  In her other arms she holds a musical instrument- a lute and her cosmically enchanting music streams effortlessly like water flowing down a river.  The Hindu mythology of the Tantras tells her story as the original consort and creative Shakti of Lord Brahma, whom she eventually divorces, rather choosing radical independence and unconventional life, practicing solitary contemplation and meditation, dedicating herself to her studies and music, and tuning into the reality of her direct insight and divine intuition.  She chooses to play in a supramaterial world and in the realm of inspiration and intellect, rather than the physical world.  And while she may seem to be a loner, she is the most inspiring muse, an independent ally, a girlfriend, a guide, a teacher, whose presence offers comfort, instills faith, inspiration, insight and guidance to our true inner Self.


Take some time out of your day this week to find yourself alone by the water, whether that may be a lake, a river, or the ocean; come to stillness and listen for the intuitive flow of creativity and wisdom from the Goddess within; that’s your OM girl, Saraswati!


Om Aim Hrim Saraswatyai Namaha


I bow to the flowing one whose essence is wisdom

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