May 24, 2016

This article reminded me why I come to my mat and why I share my yoga practice as a teacher.  It's not about holding a handstand or getting into full Hanumanasana, or how many Instagram likes I get for that beach yoga pic.  It's how I feel.  How I listen to my body and...

May 15, 2016

Which Yoga Goddess is your Om girl?  This is the first of my blog series on the Goddesses of Yoga.  Here, I introduce you to the Goddess Saraswati and why she might be your OM girl!


Do you find yourself longing to be by the ocean shore, by the lake, or floating on...


If we were all really mermaids this is all the workout we'd need!  For the rest of us, check out these 5 must do yoga poses to keep you stoked on the water:


Whether you’re new to sta...

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5 “must do” yoga poses to keep you stoked on the water

May 3, 2016

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